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make yourself at home

the mission.

To move our human race forward by helping each other thrive Physically, Intellectually, and Emotionally (P.I.E.)

We Believe in 3 Components of a Great Life: 


We live and operate in a three-dimensional reality. What exactly do we need to thrive?


When you change your mind, it becomes your model for changing anything outside of it. 


How well we understand and manage our emotions influences how we connect to  others. 

meet the right and left brain

Two best friends with an undeniable connection from the time they moved into the same neighborhood as kids.  As different as two people come, in their journey to love their selves and each other unconditionally,

they’ve fallen in love with the world…

And now they’re set on changing it. 

“You’ll find me beneath the surface where I spend most of my time asking the question, ‘Why?’ “


“I want my life to be an anomaly. My goal is to live every aspect of life like an outlier. I want to be that relationship that everybody wishes they had but thought was just out there. I want to be that for everybody.”