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The journey of being yourself is certainly a lonely one. Saying and doing things for no other reason than to fulfill your purpose- to say that’s hard is an understatement.

You do it for nobody or nothing else-

You give knowing that you won’t get in return

You say I love you knowing you won’t hear the same words

You’re kind even when it is unimaginable to be so.

But what you do know, is that no act of kindness goes to waste-

If it doesn’t come back to you it is rippling somewhere in the Universe…  unexpectedly changing the lives of human beings in need of it most.. going exactly where it is needed..

What you are left with is the entire Universe.

That simple act of kindness made your life so rich. So full.

What more could you ask for?

I try not to worry about the support I don’t get.

There will be times you find yourself struggling with your human expectations-

But you always come back to the reason you said or did it in the first place—

Your Self.

Can you try and connect to your purpose?

It’s not anything you get, it is everything you give.

I try not to worry about the support I don’t get.

The likes I don’t get.

The I love yous I don’t get.

The human beings who have cringed standing next to me while someone has told me I’m beautiful, or Great-

The human beings who struggle to be happy for me-

I try not to worry about it.

The point of me, ME in this Universe-

Has very little to do with You, or this Moment in time.

It has everything to do with what I leave behind,

It has everything to do with how I’m remembered when I’m gone.

Yet still, if I feel the need to understand, I understand that any struggle to be happy for others, comes from an internal struggle to be happy with ourselves. Some part of you, is keeping you from accepting yourself, from loving yourself. Our journey in life is to remove these blocks, these barriers that we put up against love. The love that we feel for ourselves, and its limitations that carry over to the people in our lives. The very barriers that keep us from the happiness that we so desperately want.

On days I’m not in love with myself, I have no love to give.

And so If I don’t get the support I’m looking for, maybe it is the support that I need to give-

Maybe its my job to support them, so that one day, when they feel like they’ve had enough love, they can be that for someone else.

because No one can give you what they don’t have. But we can help each other get there.

And if I struggle to tell you I love you, know that I am at war with myself.

I know self love is an oasis, and anything left over is what spills into our relationships.

My life is so full because I have flooded it with love. Wherever I feel a shortage, I try to be the love that I seek.

May I never expect anything from you, May I be the love you need.