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My early 20’s was the first time I dreamt of a place where people could go and learn how to fish.

After spending over a decade in the dark, I realized for the first time at least one way in which happiness was a choice. That opened the floodgates and began an endless  journey to explore every possible way to choose, create, and find happiness. I’d been looking for something that had been mine, all this time. I never knew I held the key.

Finally free to dream a different dream, I dreamt of a place where people could learn the power of their own mind, and how to manifest that power to live a life that feels good to them. A place where anyone looking for a better life could find perspective. A different way. Another story. So that they could realize they weren’t stuck in their own. 

My experiences have repeatedly shown me that living a Great life requires navigation and integration of the physical, intellectual, and emotional realms. A student of the mind, I’ve often had the thought of whether it’d be possible to grow into my best self just by honing my intellect. 

I’ve tried, but I cannot deny the importance of taking care of my body. Of understanding my emotions.

And I certainly cannot deny their role in further contributing to my intellect and overall quality and satisfaction with life. 

I hope the content on this site brings value to your life, and I hope I can help you as much as you’ve helped me by being here. If I can leave you with one thing, it is to go all in. 

Because EVERYTHING is connected– the secret to living a Great life is being endlessly curious about HOW

To use every tool we’ve been given-

to be enraptured

mind, body, and soul.