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I have an overactive mind and I’ve realized I write to understand all of the thoughts in my head. Once the thoughts are out, I can see them better. I think for me, getting them out is really key to understanding them.

 Writing does for my mind what cleaning does for my environment. Probably why my living space has been a mess for the last five years.

Writing gives me a way of organizing my thoughts-

It’s honestly the best gift for my overactive mind.

And my extremely intense emotions. It allows me to apply reason to my feelings, which has completely changed my life. Anytime I want to see why I feel the way I do, especially if it’s something negative, I’ll write to understand it.

Once I can make that connection, or once I know what caused me to think or feel or act a certain way, I then become conscious of it. That’s the first step of change- awareness- to know that it exists. I then know that I am a certain way in response to X. Then I can figure out how to think differently or what to do differently in order to have a different response.

So it’s something on my mental agenda, on my self-work to do list: to be aware of this new thing that I discovered so that I can understand it better. I don’t look at it as anything bad, It’s a work in progress. I’ve realized, if I view it as something negative, I’m less likely to want to associate with it. But the more love I have for it, the more wholeheartedly I love myself, the more I’ll be able to change it.

I’m forever a work in progress. And I thank any tool that helps me grow.