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“Every relationship that you ever have is a manifestation of the relationship that you have with yourself.”


Relationships are at the Heart of Human Existence.


Literally, at the heart of you. The heart is adept to surviving many things, but loneliness is not one of them. 

We are hardwired for connection and love is the reason we’re here. We’re here for each other. We could never do it alone.


Yet, alone is where the greatest work takes place. Alone is where you process your thoughts. Alone is where you learn to be the love you seek. Alone is where you strengthen the connection you have with yourself, so that you can form stronger connections with someone else.


The most important relationship that you will ever have in this life, the relationship from which every other relationship stems, is the one you have with yourself.


How you think of yourself and how you talk to yourself doesn’t stop at you. It’s actually the opposite- how you deal with yourself is also the foundation for how you deal with everyone and everything outside of you.  

If you don’t know yourself, if you don’t know how you come across, if you cannot see that you see things the way only You see them,

well then, how will you sustain a relationship with anyone else?

How will you understand how someone else sees things without knowing first how you see them? You have no idea to compare. 


The more we connect to ourselves the more we will be able to connect to others.

If we focus on understanding ourselves, we can use this understanding when it comes to thinking of other people.


Through Wayne Dyer’s analogy of squeezing an orange, we are reminded that we cannot expect anything besides orange juice to come out, because that’s what’s inside. You will never squeeze an orange and get anything else except for orange juice. In the same way, when life squeezes you, like it is supposed to, whether that be through a person or a situation, and what comes out of you is hate, anger, and frustration- it is imperative for us to realize, that that came from within. Maybe someone or something else brought it out in us- but if it wasn’t in us already, we wouldn’t be experiencing it… and if we can see it, if we can recognize it, then we can do something about it.


And if that’s what’s coming out of you, imagine the turmoil that is taking place inside You?…. the fruit of the juice?


Self-mastery is the key to successful relationships. The better you know yourself, the better you can understand someone else. The better you can understand others, the better you are able to work with the humans of this world to make it a better place. No one changes the world before he changes another. And no one changes another before he changes himself.