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There is the actual falling in place of things done by the Universe.

And then there is Your version. My version. His version. Her version. 


All of your ‘versions’ make up your story, since only You have perceived each moment in your life the exact way that you have. While you and I could find ourselves in the same room together, your thoughts about our shared experience are unique to you. The same thing applies to me, the next person, and so on. In this great world of diversity, there exist as many realities as there have existed people. People who have graced this earth since the beginning of time. Billions and billions of people- living, breathing, and dying.

But Each purpose different. Each mind different. Each story different. Millions of people who have read the same book and drawn something different. People who have played the same game, listened to the same song, stared at the same painting, even shared the same womb, and still thought something different.     

Two people cannot be the same in mind. They are not meant to be. They are meant to be different so that they can build on each other, so that they can better one another. So that they may welcome the differences that their unique purposes in each other’s lives and in the world call for, the differences that allow for reason and for progress, for growth of the human race in the ever-changing world we live in.

If one voice is silenced, how many more are robbed of their voice of reason? The world is not any less diverse since all voices still exist, but there is less progress because not all voices are heard. Your journey and your time spent on Earth are completely unique to you. Your thoughts, feelings, values, and experiences, although your own, are needed for progress to occur. You are needed  to move the world forward. 

So the next time that voice in you nudges you to disagree, or to say something, do the world a favor by projecting it- kindly and respectfully, because any truth- yours, mine, needs to be freed.

Don’t lose yourself. Don’t rob yourself of the growth that you would have experienced had you been true to your self. Don’t rob other people of the opportunity to entertain a different point of view, and possibly change their minds and lives. And don’t rob yourself of the opportunity of being remembered for inspiring that change. For making a difference.

In “The Strangest Secret,” Earl Nightingale states that the opposite of courage in our society is not cowardice- it is conformity. You have to understand, the more similar your version is, the less it will stand apart. You will not go down in history for being the same as everyone else- rather the best version of your unique self. You will not be remembered for your fear to challenge the status quo or staying in your comfort zone. You will not be remembered by the world for the person you secretly knew you were, or the side of yourself that you reserved for a few select people. 

No, you will go down in history and be remembered for the voice and the being that you expressed regardless of who was standing in front of you. Or you might not be remembered. But that is up to you.

Disagree with the world. It needs it. You need it. Your soul needs it. And your ripple in the world depends on it. It is your truth that lives on.



The ways in which you stand apart are your greatest gifts to the world.

Don’t rob the world of the differences that would have been

had you never chosen to open them.

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