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I have so many sisters. ❤️

I could very well believe that that’s not the case. Most are so different than i am, even in the way we conduct our relationship with each other. I could easily close my heart to many for not meeting my perceived expectations (and spend my whole life feeling unloved and unhappy… Really?) But my life is so FULL- HOLY CRAP, I have so much LOVE in my LIFE- not from receiving, but from GIVING everything that I’ve ever wanted.

I’d waited so long in my life to experience this feeling of overwhelming love. Until I realized, i was keeping myself from it- until i realized, i was here to give it- only then would I find it. The joy that comes from giving love is EVEN better than the joy that comes from receiving… You know why that’s the case, right? Because the experience of love will never be further from your fingertips than your own heart is from yourself. Remove the barriers you keep up in love’s way- it is the same love you are keeping from yourself.

Love is not something you’ll be starved of if you don’t find it- you’ll be more than satiated just by giving it… Who knew? I certainly had no clue.  #lessonsbefore30 #whateveryouwantgiveit