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My life is beautiful. Its raw. authentic. soulful. Full of love. Short on fear. Filled with thought and love for everything around me. I’ve realized I can’t have It any other way. i often think that all the suffering I’ve experienced in the recesses of my own mind has brought me to this place- the need to survive my own mind has brought me to this place. Sometimes I leave, only to return.

I know this is home.

I don’t know why I often run away.

I find that If I leave, it is for someone else’s sake, someone who has hurt me, humans I may not even know, and then I return after some period of time, but I find that I return for myself always. So I leave for others but I return for myself.

I have to believe that I leave for myself, because of the hurt that I believe that I’ve been caused- really just my own perception of someones guilt.

And then when I’ve forgiven that person in my mind, and really I’ve forgiven myself for perceiving their guilt, I come back to this state of peace. My body feels better now. The tension in the right side of my chest has been released.

We’re not meant to suffer. All suffering takes place in our mind- even the pain that we physically feel- there is a choice to feel it.

Viktor Frankl discovered this in the concentration camps as he helped others find the same power in their own mind.

David Goggins has based his life on this choice to be above suffering. Its only as real as you. You can choose to be realer than your pain. At that point all that matters is you.

The mind reigns supreme. Any time you catch yourself in mental or physical pain- if you look for this choice to be above suffering, you will always find it. We always have access to this choice. It’s what separates human beings from the animal kingdom. Be human. Rise above.